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About Us

About Us

Founded in 2017, Lancel Investments Limited helps smallholder farmers optimize their farm production by introducing beekeeping and apiculture services.


About Us

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Working with you.

Welcome to Lancel Investments Limited, We work together with rural communities, youth and women to provide multiple income streams by adopting beekeeping. We have pure tasty delightful honey from “The honey Pot”.


We are change makers in the Apiculture Industry, setting the pace for quality production and processing. We provide continuous quality based on continuous training. We provide regular inspection and apiary management services to ensure good colony health. Traceability is provided using a single code on the beehive that is scanned through an app and provides all the information from the hive to the table.

Sustainable Livelihoods

We are keen to ensure that our farmers who are mostly women and youth get a decent income from their honey by paying competitive prices. We support the farmers to venture in beekeeping by working together with partners.

Farm Enterprise Management

We understand that apiculture supports the productivity of the whole farm. We train our farmers to take their farm as a business to ensure they are getting value from their other farming activities. We train on record keeping and measuring the output as well as the input to determine if the farms are profitable.


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